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Converting First-Time Visitors


Converting first-time visitors can be a confusing process and simply relying on your market niche and the quality of your products is a definite start. But is there more you can do from a business-oriented standpoint to convert these first-time visitors into consistent buyers?

General incentives or discounts have always assisted brands in convincing customers to keep coming back. These can include offers such as ‘Free Shipping on orders over X number of dollars!’ or ‘10% off any additional items!’. Even simple offers such as free gift-wrapping are effective. Offers such as these are the type of essential nudge to get some buyers to the clicking of that ‘Finalize Checkout’ button.  

Figuring out which offers convert the most potential costumers to buying customers is essential in getting more of your products out to consumers. Offers like these can be taken advantage of year round and is definitely a great way to jumpstart a slow beginning to the month!

But remember! Customer response to offers can vary quite drastically; factors that affect this can be the consumers’ personality, gender, age, and location. Therefore it is of vital importance for you to conduct the relevant research pertaining to your potential customer base. Find out why they initially gravitated towards your shop. Look for where the traffic is coming from. Is it from a specific area? Are they motivated to visit your shop because of price, your selection, your advertising efforts, or are they simply looking for a deal? Keep track of how they arrived at your shop and use that to your marketing advantage.

Knowing your customer goes a long way when attempting to convert those possibly lucrative first-time customers… You’ve got them; now do the necessary research to keep them!

-Lyle Niblock with Now In Store.