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Top 5 ways to improve your conversion rate



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You’ve hit a roadblock, a plateau they say. You, as a responsible business owner, toil through all the possible options that you could employ to break that plateau. What can you do? More marketing? Too costly… New product line? Perhaps, yet that may take a while to reap the benefits from. Is there an option that allows you to improve your sales, with a focus on your current products or services? If you improve your rate of conversion, you can definitely achieve this. Improving conversion is a process that encompasses many aspects of your business.

But first, you need to know what exactly you’re trying to accomplish here. The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. Let’s say a website drives 100,000 visits a month. During that month 2,000 users purchased something form the website. The conversion rate is 2,000/100,000 = 2%.

The more potential customers that visit your website and convert to actual customers, the better your conversion rate is, the better your sales are.

So now that you understand how subtly significant this statistic is, how exactly are you to go about improving conversion?

 1. Unique Selling Point

What sets you apart from your competition? Find out and use it to your advantage. Exceptional customer service, reasonably low prices, products that can’t be bought elsewhere, free delivery, great support – all of these are USPs.

2. Prove yourself

Consumers love feeling validation for their purchases online, as there is a natural sense of skepticism on what you’re truly receiving if you haven’t witnessed the product in person. Utilize user reviews and testimonials to help your potential customers validate their decision to purchase through the influence of current customers.

3. Reduce the Risk

The less time a potential customer wanders aimlessly through a website looking for answers, the higher probability they will hit that checkout button. Reduce the risk of them cancelling their order based on information they cannot find. Make sure to visibly list all relevant information about all aspects of the purchase as well as the product.

4. Call to Action Buttons

Make sure your call to action buttons are visible and vibrant! Red is a preferred colour but make sure it flows with the overall color scheme. A complete overhaul of your website layout may be what your business needs. Make sure you are customizing your title tags, optimizing each page through consolidation of navigation as well as upgrading your design. Keep It Simple Stupid! Clean, not cluttered.

5.  Focus your advertising efforts on key traffic referral sources

More people entering your site from referral sources that are relevant to your business means more potential for a conversion. Simple as that.

We here at Now In Store hope these tips assist you in improving your conversion rate for your businesses website.

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-Lyle Niblock with Now In Store