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Top 10 Ways to promote your business on Pinterest

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Often we see retailers searching for ways to get their products noticed through advertising and social media. They’ve done the Facebook page and they’ve become well versed in the twittersphere. Yet a common denominator that has arisen is the lack of Pinterest use.

Pinterest is an ever-increasing social media platform that both consumers and brands have begun to utilize to familiarize themselves with the latest trends and to connect with an ever-increasing amount of users. Since it’s March 2010 inception, businesses have learned to cleverly utilize this new concept of ‘pinning’ to increase their brand awareness and popularity. Through Pinterest, both large and small businesses are able to identify popular trends and target an entirely new market.  Being able to identify these trends allows you to use this market knowledge to your advantage by catering advertising and new products towards surefire opportunities. Thus drawing in a more broad customer base, which spills out to your other brand items, all which culminates in an increase for your overall sales! What’s great is that this strategy is simple and effective. More followers, more exposure to consumers interested in what you are creating, By using Pinterest, you as a seller are able to grab hold of popular trends prior to your competition and who doesn’t love to get an upper hand!

Now that you’ve decided that you’re ready to add to your social media outreach to connect with your customers and prospective customers in a new and innovative way, here’s 10 tips that will assist you in getting started!

1. Create your Pinterest business account

Pinterest recently created the option of creating a Business account, whereas previously this was not the case. If you have a personal account already setup as your business account, they offer the ability to convert it to a business account.

If you are a new user this process is as straightforward as can be, simply sign up on the Pinterest Business Section and fill in all necessary details and join!

2. Customize your profile

On your business account, be sure to verify your account, which allows users to know that the account is directly related to your business! This way you are able to utilize all the analytics that Pinterest provides.

Make sure to detail your profile with images, descriptions and overview of your brand to establish rapport with your potential customers. Make sure your profile images are at 160 x 165 pixels, which is where the images will look their best on Pinterest.

3. Pinnable images

The majority of traffic from Pinterest will be through other users ‘pinning’ your items.

It works like this:

1. User pins image and posts it to their board.

2. A follower  re-pins it to theirs – OR – other user while looking under keywords that describe such image finds the pin and re-pin.

3. More and more users see the pinned image.

4. Each interested consumer is sent to the original source (your website).

5. More potential sales due to increased traffic from consumers actively interested in the item(s)!

Be sure to add the ‘Pin It!‘ button to your website to allow this to occur. Here it explains step by step how to complete this process –

4. Keywords

Keywords are key, this is what links your images to certain boards and in turn creates more pins to that image. Make sure you’re concise and precise with your keywords, and make sure that they target all the relevant boards pertaining to your product.

5. Utilize rich pins!

These are an advanced type of pin that ranges from movie, recipe, article, product and place. Each rich pin caters to certain businesses and images. They allow you to enter more precise details about the items that are being pinned, such as prices and item reviews. Here is a guide on how to create rich pins:

6. Learn to use analytics

Fortunately, Pinterest has an awesome analytics program that allows you to identify which pins are most popular and which ones drive the most traffic to your website. This is key to being able to track trends and find out what people are truly interested in.

7. Don’t just share your photos!

To generate increased interest and followers on the boards you’ve established make sure to be pinning not only your products, but images that will cater to your target market. Once again, the more followers enjoying your content, the broader the range of followers you have, the more interest your products will end up receiving.

8. Connect with your followers

Customer’s love when companies and or designers interact with them, creating a connection with your customers is vital to creating a positive brand loyalty. To do this use as a means of identifying, and from there, connect!

9. Motivate your customers to utilize the pin.

Make sure your customers know that you’re an active Pinterest user, this encourages users to follow and re-pin your pins, increasing your ability to reach a wider audience.

10. K.I.S.S.

Keep it Simple Stupid! Don’t overcrowd your page with pins that are un-related to your brand and style. Make sure that you are quick and concise with your product descriptions. Overcrowding and bulking up your page leads to an unorganized looking layout, turning off followers and making them un-follow your posts/boards.

We here at Now In Store hope these tips assist you in promoting your business through proper utilization of the Pinterest platform!


– Lyle Niblock with Now In Store