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Why use a line sheet for your brand?

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Having a line sheet can be crucial for your brand, especially  if you are thinking of doing wholesale. We often hear about  lookbooks or a catalogues, but line sheets tend to take the back seat. So we decided to breake it down for you and show you just how much it is important and why you need one for your brand.

1. Use your line sheet to sell to retailers

First of all, a line sheet is a sales tool designed to communicate virtually all of the information necessary for a buyer to make a decision about purchasing.  Creating a smartly-designed line sheet is one of the foundations of a successful wholesale program wheather it’s in fashion or in any other fields.

2. Showcase your product

Secondly, a line sheet gives a clear Idea of what you are selling to your buyer. Each of your product should be individual showcased with either a color photo or drawing. Rather than having your pictures all over the place, it is always better to use photos on a seamless background and a nice line sheet layout.

3. Give a clear idea of what your product is all about

Another advantage of a line sheet is that you can put as much information you want on the product. You line sheet should include the following informations :  the name of the product, its item number, the wholesale price (expressed as “each”), the suggested retail price, the minimum number of units required and any variants *such as sizes, colors, flavors, etc.)

4. Communicate with your buyer

Finally, buyers want to be led. If they’re smitten with your product collection, then they generally appreciate input + direction as they build an order.   Do you have a new product? What’s your best seller? Does this coordinate with something else? Add banners to relevant product photos to highlight these special products.

There you go! Hope these tips gave you valuable information about line sheets and why you should have one for your brand.


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