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Top 5 ways to engage your customers

Customer engagment

Connecting with customers is an essential part of establishing your brand and what type of company you are portrayed as.  These options will help you be more efficient and bring you even closer to your customers.

 1. Social Media

This tool is probably the most widely tried and true method of connecting with your customers. All it takes is to create an account and begin sharing and sending out your own content to allow your customers to communicate with you as a business. This will create that sense of close connection customers love to see from the companies they purchase from.

There have been new forms of social media popping up over the past few years, the newest being Pinterest that has been assisting businesses in connecting with customers as well as advertising new products. Here’s a guide to properly utilizing Pinterest:

2. Blogging

What a better way to connect with your customers than by sharing information about your company? This is also a great way to draw in new customers as other relevant information pertaining to what you feel your target market prefers will draw in more and more potential customers. When they see how interactive and close you are with your customers, they will want to take a further look!

Now that you’re readily communicating, find out all those prime bits of information and….

 3. Segment and contact your customers

Organize your customers information into a database. Utilize email and surveys or polls to gather information about each potential customer. Learn to track where each customer is coming from and find ways to engage them with targeted sales.  This is a great way to re-engage customers who have bought from you in the past.

When sending out surveys, promotions and those newsletters make sure to personalize each email for certain segments of the customer base. Utilize the segmented customer database you create to do this. And remember, responding to your customers quickly and efficiently is a key way to create a positive relationship with your consumers.

4. Face-to-face

A friendly face-to-face conversation can go a long way in humanizing your company in the eyes of the public. Send representatives out with the sole purpose of listening to your customers needs face-to-face and base your sales tactics and products around that. Make sure to listen, then sell. Rather than vice versa.

For smaller businesses, Skype, as well as pop up shops is a great tool to utilize in terms of being able to listen to your customers needs on a face-to-face basis.

5. Targeted product descriptions

Show how your product will impact your potential customer’s life, don’t simply say it. Using video is a great way to create both a humanizing effect as well as demonstrating the value your product could bring to their lives.

When creating your product descriptions, be sure that your customers understand every aspect of why you are selling this product. What value does it bring to the customer? How long does a product such as this last? What is the process behind the creation? Answering these questions in your product descriptions creates a sense of assurance, the less questions about the product, the less possible misgivings about the purchase of it!

Customer Service goes a long way…

This is the bread and butter of what creates loyal and returning customers, these customers purchase new products and then promote it through word of mouth.

Au Revoir et Bonne Chance!

-Lyle Niblock with Now In Store

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