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How-To Embed the Catalog in to a Website or Blog Post

We just released a fabulous new feature: Catalog Embedding.

Here is a step-by-step guide on embedding your catalog on your website.

Click “View Online Version” on the catalog page of your dash. 2014-07-30 10-46-46

[2] Click “</> Embed on Website”. 2014-07-30 10-18-58
[3] Select your size. 2014-07-30 10-19-30
[3] Copy the single line of code and paste it in to your HTML editor. 2014-07-30 10-20-45

[4] For example, here’s how you can embed a catalog in to a WordPress post. Click the “Text” tab in the new post. Paste the line of code in the editor. 2014-07-30 10-22-16

[5] Once you hit publish, you’re catalog will be embedded in to the post like below. You can navigate using the left and right arrows.

-Divya, with Now In Store

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