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Vogue Wednesday – Featuring Saneeta from Chic Inspector

This is our second instalment of Vogue Wednesday. If you missed the first one, read it here. Every Wednesday we introduce you to an incredible fashion blogger. We want to create Vogue Wednesday into a tight-knit community of amazing people who truly love fashion. We’re also excited to give Now In Store users a chance to learn about the movers and shakers in the fashion blogosphere (you’ll be particularly interested in question #5).

Today we bring you Saneeta from Chic Inspector. Saneeta’s writing exudes excitement and elegant attitude, plus she’s got you covered on all the latest fashion trends straight out of N.Y.C.; her blog is addictive to say the least. We are beyond thrilled to have Saneeta on our blog today. She has been featured in Forbes Asia, identified her as one of the top 40 Fab Fashion Bloggers by, and she has been attending New York Fashion Week since 2006.

12 - 2

Let’s get started:

(1) When and why did you start a Chic Inspector?

I started Chic Inspector because I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts and ideas of what I thought was important in fashion. I was heavily inspired by the magazine industry that I wanted to have my own platform to voice my opinions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.30.22 AM
Saneeta at “Fashion Fights Cancer” sporting a classy, handmade turban.

(2) What are the key factors that have helped you and your blog become successful?

Patience, networking  and researching. Success and notoriety doesn’t happen overnight, it will takes time to find a voice and niche that makes anyone unique.  I’m pretty lucky to be living in NYC where I can meet other bloggers and tastemakers. We can bounce ideas off each other and making friends isn’t that bad either. Research is important because fashion/media is constantly changing and the internet is a wonderful source to get all types of news and updates to keep anyone in the know.

(3) What is your fashion philosophy?

Confidence and comfort is my fashion philosophy. When someone is confidant in their own skin it doesn’t matter if they are wearing a potato sack they will still get notice and admired.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.29.42 AM

(4) What is your favourite Now In Store Catalog?

RubyAndB, I love the graphic prints infused on stationary and bedding items.

Ruby and B

(5) Tell us about the best email pitch you’ve ever received.

It’s hard to remember the best email pitch ever…

Any email pitch is best when you’re straightforward with your request, my name is spelled correctly and the email doesn’t appear to be written by a robot.

(6) Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

Sure, I’m a virgo and I love to do yoga : )

You can read Saneeta’s blog over on, give’er a tweet on Twitter, like her on Facebook, and double tap all her pics on Instagram.

-Divya, with Now In Store

All pictures from the lady herself.

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