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Learn how to wholesale for Christmas 2014

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Getting your ducks in a row for Christmas now is a must.

Don’t wait for a someone to reach out to you. Hustle and reach out to boutiques, local stores, and other businesses that are currently stocking up on Christmas items.

If you have dreams to expand your brand and grow your online business, going in to wholesale is a key step because you expose your product and brand to more people.

You’d be surprised how many larger retailers send their employees to go shop around in smaller boutiques to find products to source and sell.

That being said, if you’ve been doing consignment and wholesaling for a while and are ready for the next big step, prod around your networks and get the appropriate introduction to directly pitch large retailers.

Here is your Christmas Wholesale Cheat Sheet. 

Scroll down to download a printable cheat-sheet.

(1) Set your policies (30-40 minutes)

Here’s what you should consider:

  • General ordering information – any requirements you have about the company
  • Minimum order/Maximum quantity – self explanatory. Include a dollar value of initial minimum order and any subsequent orders.
  • Prices / Payment – how you preferred to be paid. A certain amount before the order is filled and after? How many days after the order must you be paid?
  • Shipping Costs / Damage Claims – inform them of your claims process.
  • Sales Outlets/Website and online sales – can they only sell your products in their retail store? Or online too?
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property – inform them that your product and designs cannot be reproduced or copied.
  • Privacy – you agree to keep their information private and confidential.

(2) Make your linesheet (10-20 minutes)

Use to create a basic line sheet. You can activate an order form and policies directly in your catalog. Here are  two Now In Store linesheet examples:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.28.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.06.06 PM

(3) Make a contact list (1-2 hours)

Open up a new spreadsheet. Label the first 5 columns with these headings: boutique name, boutique website, contact name, contact email, boutique email.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.45.24 PM

Download: Store Contact Spreadsheet

Fill them up with 20-40 contacts you would like to approach for a wholesale deal.

(4) Write and send your emails [20 minutes]

Okay, what do you say? Introduce yourself and what you sell. Keep it brief. Explain to them how having your product in their store will improve their sales. Attach your pdf. linesheet in the email or copy and paste the digital link in the email. Always assume the person reading the email is really busy. Make your email worth their while.

Here’s a sample template:


I am the owner of Tumee-Tum’s Apparel. We produce and sell organic cotton outfits for little ones, new born to age 5.

Our outfits are great fit for your shoppers. 65% of urban moms living in North America in 2013 opt’ed to purchase organic and pesticide free clothing for their children. Our outfits meet national organic standards and are loved by moms everywhere. Last year we sold over X hundred pieces online. And were requested almost daily for our products to be accessible in brick and mortar stores.

Attached is a linehseet with our product specs and wholesale policies.

You can place an order over email. We can also meet up in person; I am available Tuesday at 3p.m.

Are you interested?

If not, no worries and thanks for reading this much.

Phone Number:
P.S. I love X.Y.Z. product you currently sell, stays with me in my purse 24/7.

<include all attachements>”

(5) Follow-Up Magic (10-40 minutes)

What if they don’t reply? Don’t be disheartened, instead follow-up.

Follow up 24 hours later. Still no reply? Follow up again 48 days later. Still no reply? Follow up a last time 72 hours later and explicitly note in the email that you are following up “one last time”.

Remember to attach the linesheet in each follow up.

On the flip side, if you get an overwhelming positive response, more than you can handle, that’s a great position to be in. You have your pick of clients! Say yes to the ones you really want to work with and no to the rest.

Download the free printable version to holiday wholesaling. Fill out this form and we’ll email you the download link!
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Good luck! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions:

-Divya, with Now In Store

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