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Feature Friday – Janlitlfeather

Founded by Stephanie Gladden

Tell us about your business
Stephanie Gladden is a self-taught artist and the owner of Janlitlfeather. Janlitlfeather explores design using feathers and bead work. We create pieces that express a range of themes and cultures. All pieces are handmade and unique so that no two are alike.

Why do you need catalogs?
We use catalogs for new collections and wholesale clients.

How do you show your catalogs to your clients?
I print them for trade shows and send PDFs via email for new clients.

What are some of your favorite things about working with us?
Each time I have needed help the chat has been great. Even when chat is not available I get an email for help really fast. Everyone is nice and friendly and that’s a big help when you are feeling overwhelmed and on a deadline.

Click on the cover below to view this catalog or visit their shop by following this link.