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Feature Friday – The Codex Club

Founded by Andrea Chen

Tell us about your business
Codex is an early word for a book. The codex club (i.e. the book club) started as a greeting card line with a few creative friends. The goal was to record and add value to memories and create local marketable products. This became t-shirts, dresses, candles, jewelry and more. We do custom products for government contracts, schools, and organizations as well.

Why do you need catalogs?
Live, easy to update line sheets and catalogs are so important. When new things come in, or we get a better deal on materials, to best serve our wholesale clients especially, this type of program has been indispensable.

How do you show your catalogs to your clients?
It’s been most convenient to send the digital version in emails and have the link on our website so that we can edit in real-time if we have to. Printed copies for in-person meetings and the pdf are handy as well!

What are some of your favorite things about working with us?
The feedback we’ve gotten has been very positive – the templated formats made it easy and as foolproof as possible to make our materials.

Click on the cover below to view this catalog or visit their shop by following this link.