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  • Back to School Catalog

    Back to School Catalog

    In the past few weeks, we’ve shown you plenty of ways to use a Back To School sale to your advantage, regardless of your shop size or marketing budget a Back To School sale can be extremely useful in boosting sales. Check out our past posts: 4 Shops Built With Shopify Running Awesome Back To…

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  • A note from the CEO

    A note from the CEO

    Since February 2015 the Now In Store team sifted through mounds of customer feedback. We went through all the feature requests and suggestions you’ve submitted to us over chat, on the phone, and through email. We listened and we rebuilt Now In Store from the ground up to help you create even more beautiful marketing…

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  • Two new and exciting features

    Our team has been working tirelessly to provide you with the best catalog creator out there. We’ve got two new features for you: New Crop Feature: Now you can pick between having the full size image of your product or a cropped image – all with the click of a single button. That’s right, you…

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  • Major Update: New Look

    Major Update: New Look

    We’ve made an impressive new change to the design of our online catalog. Check it out:

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  • Six More Updates…

    Six More Updates…

    Last week we released 6 new product updates. Since, our team has continued to work hard to offer more.  We’ve gone through your suggestions and sat down to better understand your needs; the changes we’ve rolled out reflect that. We are once again, excited to announce six more updates: Import the products YOU want: you…

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  • Six New Updates that Will Leave Your Jaw Hanging

    Six New Updates that Will Leave Your Jaw Hanging

    What’s new at Now In Store? A lot. Everyday we listen to our customer’s business needs and frustrations; we listen to their desires and dreams about the future. As we make technical updates we keep your dreams, frustrations, and desires in mind. We are excited to announce six new updates: Better mobile experience: Now you…

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