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Six More Updates…

Last week we released 6 new product updates. Since, our team has continued to work hard to offer more.  We’ve gone through your suggestions and sat down to better understand your needs; the changes we’ve rolled out reflect that.

We are once again, excited to announce six more updates:

  • Import the products YOU want: you asked and we delivered. Now you can select which products you would like to import from your store. That’s right! You choose which products are stored in your inventory on Now In Store.
  • Organize by collections: organize your catalog the way you want to. This simple feature enables you to organize your catalog by collection. Simply go to “Change Appearance” and under “Products Grouping” select “By collections/sections”. (Our Etsy users can organize by “Shop Section”.)
  • Automatic Best Sellers: now with the single click of a button you can create a catalog of your best sellers. You’ll see this option when you create a new catalog.  Why should you create a best sellers catalog? There are a lot of benefits, see: 4 Brilliant Ways to Use Your Top Sellers That Will Help You Increase Sales.
  • Include unique pricing, per variation: you can upload product variations and list unique prices with each variation. This feature is a MUST if you have many product variations and prices that vary with each variation. Wholesaling and retail is made simple with our solution.
  • Improved import process: if you make changes to products on your shop these changes will now show up on Now In Store. If you modified any products on Now In Store you will be asked for an “overwrite” confirmation. Also, products that have been removed on your shop can now be removed from Now In Store as well.
  • All image ratios supported: now you can upload non-square images. Feel free to crop and edit inside the platform!

-Kwaku and Divya, with Now In Store

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