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Vogue Wednesday – Featuring Maria from City Laundry

This is our third instalment of Vogue Wednesday. If you missed the first two, read it here and here. Every Wednesday we introduce you to an incredible fashion blogger. We are creating Vogue Wednesday into a tight-knit community of amazing people who truly love fashion. We’re also excited to give Now In Store users a chance to learn about the movers and shakers in the fashion blogosphere.

Today we bring you Maria from City Laundry. Maria has a wonderfully whimsical blog and a fashion sense that’s both earthy, vintage, and urban. She’s based out in New York city and is one of the most wonderful people we have had a chance to speak with. Maria works regularly with Teen Vogue, has been featured by Cosmopolitan, she’s worked with Levi’s, and has collaborated on many other fashion projects.

Let’s get started:

(1) When did you start the blog and why?

I started City Laundry when i was 16, it’s been 5 years since I’ve had it now. It started as a place for me to go and document what I wear and have a place to write down my inspiration. Not many people were in the blogosphere at the time. It’s pretty cool to see some of the girls I’ve admired get pretty big.

(2) Why the name city laundry?

I named it City Laundry because I was going to the city a lot when I was little. A laundry is all of the things you wear put in one place. The blog is my adventures in the city all in one place – kind of like a laundry – in my brain at the time it was cool and it stuck

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(3) What are the key factors that have helped you become successful?

Networking and going to the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) has helped me meet really nice people in the industry. The factors that have helped me be successful would have to be the networking, meeting nice people, and trying to leave a good first impression.


(4) Was it hard when you first started networking?

No it’s definitely nerve-racking because the fashion industry is known to be pretty scary. I’ve definitely had to come out of my comfort zone, a couple of times. but it’s all been worth it.

(5) In your opinion what has helped your blog become successful?

I try to target my blog towards a more college student demographic. I reach out to other bloggers who have a similar style to me and other bloggers that have a similar eye. This has helped me, keeps me going, and constantly  inspired.

(6) What is your fashion philosophy?

I would say comfort over everything, because if you’re uncomfortable, you’re probably not going to feel confident in it. That would be my philosophy

(7) When you’re getting dressed in the morning how do you decide what to wear?

It changes everyday, when I wake up it depends on my mood. If I want to be super comfortable I throw on a dress and jean jacket and walk out of the door. Sometimes I want to put a lot of effort in to what I am wearing. I would say it kind of changes everyday.


(8) What is your favourite Now In Store Catalog?

There’s a couple that are pretty cool catalogs! Isabelle Rae though, she has some awesome and unique stuff that I could see myself in.

(9) What is the best email pitch you’ve received?

So let me talk about emails in general first. I get a lot of emails from young girls that are trying to get in to the fashion industry. Giving them advice and telling them to take the next step are probably my favourite emails.

You get awesome emails, such as do you want to be a part of this fashion shoot? or something like that. In general the best is trying to inspire other girls and also getting to work with awesome companies that some how stumble upon my blog.

IMG_9815 (10)  Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

Something I would like to tell my readers is to keep working on their dreams if they don’t stop working they’ll probably get to see their dream come true one of these days.

You can read Maria’s blog over on City Laundry, follow her on Twitter, enjoy her wonderful boards over on Pinterest, double tap all her pics on Instagram.

-Divya, with Now In Store

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