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Feature Friday – The Pet Beastro

Founded by  Dr. Jill Tack

Tell us about your business
The Pet Beastro was founded to help people learn why alternative pet food options are better for your animal. We feel it is important that animal caregivers understand what you are feeding your pet and the nutritional support it provides to maintain health and longevity. Dr. Jill Tack’s love for animals started at a very early age. While in grade school, she asked her parents for a dog but the stipulations were that she had to save her own money and help buy the supplies and food. Little did she know at the time that her first dog, Max, would change her life so drastically and show her the road to natural healing. Later in life, when dealing with Max’s cancer, she did extensive research and got deeply involved in learning how to heal animals naturally with herbs and homeopathy, as well as proper food choices. Many of her friends and family became curious too. That led her to sell only the best dog foods to friends and relatives from her home, which in turn parlayed into opening The Pet Beastro, an alternative health-food retail store for dogs and cats. The store hosts educational and adoption events and offers many options for the different health ailments of dogs and cats. Dr. Jill believes that if she educates pet owners about their pet food options, they end up with their family pet living a longer and healthier life. Dr. Jill has earned an Herbal Certification from GAIA Center for Herbal Studies, studied Classical Homeopathy under Dr. Glen Dupree, DVM, and graduated as a Certified Doctor of Naturopathy in 2015 from N.I.T.E in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. With over 10 years experience in pet nutrition and raw feeding, Dr. Jill is asked to speak at many pet-related events and functions how nutrition can help your pet live a long and healthier life. She is also the President for Compassion for Greyhounds and works with the Greyhound Rescue & Adoption in Southeastern Michigan.

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What are some of your favorite things about working with us?
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