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Feature Friday – July 25th

Welcome to Feature Friday, every week we select some of our best catalogs to showcase on the Now In Store blog.

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Story of Sevem
Story of Seven make malas that last a lifetime using crystals, sacred Rudraksha’s seeds, 925 silver beads, our signature silver SOS charm and hand knotted using colourful nylon threads.
The Flip Flop Bitch
The Flip Flop Bitch The Flip Flop Bitch make fashionable fold up totes when you’re on the go. Carry flats with you when you’re out in heels. When your feet have had it, make the switch!

Desa Designs
Desa Designs  create quality sourced unique jewelry designs to support and spread the art of village souls globally.
PenguinPillows are dedicated to creating the perfect handcrafted pillow for your home! Each pillow is made with love and they ensure that they look great, resist wear & tear, and feel fluffy and soft – like a pillow should!










 -Ambroise with Now In Store

Growth Hacker & Product Owner, Ambroise is all about digital marketing and growth! You can follow him on his blog.

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