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Feature Friday – January 5, 2015

Welcome to Feature Friday, every week we select some of our best catalogs to showcase on the Now In Store blog.

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White Mark
Christine Pena of ShopFarmersDaughter sells wonderful up-cycled vintage pieces. She, her husband and children brave antique stores and flea markets looking for lost treasures. Check out her catalog and find your one of a kind up-cycled piece.
Leila’s Light bridges the gap between metaphysically healing jewelry & lux style. Leila is passionate about creating jewelry that is a fusion of science, spirit & style. All of her handmade pieces are one of-a-kind. She uses the best quality in stone and crystal I am able to find.
Melissa and Wendy, a mom and daughter team, are wire and clay designers. Their shop OrneMental features clay ornaments, pendants, and figurines. Folks enjoy their handy-work and these two ladies enjoy the creative outlet.
Shannon of Silver Lined Shadows enjoys crafting with sterling silver, Swarvovski crystals, assorted pearls, assorted Czech glass and just about anything shiny. The majority of my pieces are made from fine silver, sterling silver, Bali silver, Swarovski crystals, assorted pearls pearls, semi-precious stones and other elegant materials.

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