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Feature Friday – Anne Vaughan Jewelry

Co-founded by Aaron Vaughan

Tell us about your business
Founded in 2006, Anne Vaughan Designs was created so Anne could find a way to work while doing her first job – being a mom. Created in the basement of a tiny brick ranch home, Anne began creating one piece of jewelry a day as a side hustle after the birth of her son, Gabe. Soon her husband Aaron was creating displays and traveling with her to shows and teaching himself print and web marketing at night in order to help her. Tens of thousands of pieces of distinct jewelry later (all handcrafted in our studio) and dozens of retail locations across the United States, Anne continues to design each individual item with a talented team of makers supporting her work.

Why do you need catalogs?
I use my catalogs for wholesale clients.

How do you show your catalogs to your clients?
I share digital versions of my catalogs and send out pdf exports to clients in advance of shows.

What are some of your favorite things about working with us?
I like the fact the simplicity of the drag and drop format!

Click on the cover below to view this catalog or visit their shop by following this link.