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5 Reasons to Reshare, Remarket, and Push Your Product Frequently

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Have you wondered why some of the sellers you follow share the same product over and over again on social media channels?

Resharing the same product a few times a day and then frequently throughout the weeks and months is a tactic few sellers use to drive sales. Most others share their product exactly once after they list it and then forget all about it. Who do you think makes more sales?

A couple of numbers before we dive in:

– Each post you share on social media reaches only a small percentage of the audience. Only about 7 – 20% of your total followers see your post every time you share something.

– Tweets, on an average, have about 48 minutes to be discovered before they are lost in a flood of other tweets. This can get much less if your followers follow a lot of accounts.

Only about 2% of the followers share your content.

Some sellers and social media accounts can get downright annoying with their repeated tweets and posts. But some crafty sellers do this well and that makes all the difference. From increased engagement to higher sales numbers, there’s a lot of advantage to repetitive sharing.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should do this too:

#1. Increases visibility / Keeps your profile active

Seller A tweets 2 times a day and Seller B tweets 10 times a day. Whose profile do you think looks more active?

Active profiles have better chances of getting more followers and subscribers. Furthermore, an active profile leads to more engagement over time and can help you build trust and credibility.

The ideal number of tweets or Facebook shares or pins depends on a lot of factors including the number of products you have, the type of market you cater to, the number of competitors / similar sellers etc. However, it’s easy to find out by conducting a cursory analysis of the volume of shares from other sellers in your niche.

#2. You can’t reach all your followers with one share.

In a global setting, there are several timezones. If you share your product on social media just once, more than half of your followers may never get to see it because it gets buried under a ton of other newsfeed items by the time they log in.

This is one of the main reasons why you should reshare your products on social media channels: to ensure that your share reaches almost all of your followers irrespective of timezone differences.

#3. Buyers change their mind

The general rule of thumb in email sales says that it takes about 7 emails to close a sale.

Social media is not email marketing but there’s one takeaway from that rule. It’s this: it takes multiple viewing of your product on my newsfeed to convince me to buy it (or change my mind about not buying it yet).

Not everyone jumps on your link the first time and purchases the product. In fact, most people just visit your shop via the link you shared and then they leave.

But show them the product a few times over the week and those that actually had an intention of buying it (but did not, for some reason) might change their mind and buy it.

#4. You get to test multiple headlines

Most sellers are creators and, as creators, one of the things we hate doing is getting our hands dirty with sales. But it’s necessary.

By sharing the same product multiple times, you get an opportunity to write three or four different, varied descriptions or headlines for your product. Each time you schedule a share, you can write a different headline, highlight a different specialty of the product etc.

The added benefit is that you get to test multiple words for the description / headlines. You can find out which words attract more clicks (the click-through-rate, CTR) and use that to your advantage in subsequent product headlines and descriptions.

Technically, two birds in one stone: you get to be active on social media while testing the effectiveness of your copy.

#5. You can find when your followers engage most

The hardest bit about social media is finding engagement.

You’ve got 100 followers/likes but each of your share gets 1 or 2 likes and hardly a share or comment and let’s not even talk about clicks.

But for all you know, the problem could be the timing. It could just be that you were sharing your product on social media at the least optimal time.

The only way to find this out is by sharing the same product at different times. In a week or so, you will know when your followers engage most and you can optimize your social media schedule based on this.

Again, different sets of people/followers engage at different times (time zone, demography, work schedules etc.) so it is important to ensure that each of these sets gets to see your product on social media. The idea way to do that is to share the product multiple times.

Don’t Overdo It

As with everything else, you should not overdo. That’s when your followers will think you are spamming their newsfeed.

A Healthy Schedule + Automation Helps.

– You can reshare a link a few times a day.

– You can reshare a link a few times a month.

You have to mix these and create a suitable schedule that doesn’t overdo it.

Here’s a spreadsheet template which calculates the date for scheduling your reshares that are spaced out but frequent and helps you keep track of the frequency of shares over a period of 20 days. You can rinse and repeat this every month.

One of the ways to manage these things would be to automate whatever can be automated. For instance, integrates and pulls up all the products from your shop so it’s very easy to just share or schedule to a lot of social media channels in a couple of clicks.

Social media can be a great source of traffic and sales if you just do it right – consistently. And reshares are how you turn out to be consistently present on social media.

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