What is Now In Store?

Now In Store is a web platform that automate the process of creating product catalogs, line sheets and lookbooks.

Each catalog created on Now In Store can be exported in PDF format (for print or to share online) or can be shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ...) by using the online version.

Now In Store is the most popular catalog maker software for online store (Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, ...) and has been featured in many newspapers such as Entrepreneur.com, Techcrunch, ...

How does it work?

Now In Store automatically offers two different methods to import your inventory:

  • By synchronizing your products inventory directly from your online store
  • By uploading your products via a CSV file

Once your products are imported, you only need to drag and drop them directly inside your catalog or add a whole category of products in one click. Now In Store will take care of the rest. All of the different products title, descriptions, prices and variants are automatically added and formatted for you. All of your images are also positioned for you. No need to hire an expensive design agency or spend countless hours with InDesign or Powerpoint to create your catalog.

You will now be able to easily update your catalogs whenever you need it.

Why should I use Now In Store?

  • Gain control over your sales with catalogs and flyers that can be downloaded, printed, and shared digitally
  • Quickly create weekly or monthly marketing materials (flyers, catalogs, etc.) to promote new collections, sales and promotions
  • Include a booklet with your sales to create a connection with your customers and have a lasting impact

What are the main features of Now In Store?

  • Change templates, add pages, modify covers
  • Add contracts and terms
  • Drag and drop or bulk import products into catalog
  • Change page description styles
  • Change product captions
  • Edit products, prices, descriptions, variations
  • Bulk edit prices
  • Change fonts, fonts sizes, colors, etc
  • Link products to online store
  • Export in PDF format
  • 1-click share on social networks
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Last updated on 23rd Jul 2017